Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Teething ~ Part 2

My girl is starting teething for upper gum at 8 months old.  I have read some articles that some babies having trouble or so called fussy compare with teething at lower gum.  Her upper gum is swollen and may be in pain, as she is reducing her milk from normal 5oz to 3oz.  She poo more than 2 times a day, but luckily she still like to consume plain water to avoid dehydrate.

I found my girl will be in bad mood occasionally and don't like to be disturbed by "stranger".  I try to give her something to bite but its seems like she much more prefer sucking her thumb all the time.  Then I give her a pacifier which I've stored in freezer, and I found her like the cold pacifier and start chewing it.

My baby sitter said use some herbal tea to wash her mouth 3 times a day, especially massage to her gum.  She able to drink more milk after wash with herbal tea as it helps reduce heat in her mouth.  Then I try to use the mouth wash (Pure Glycerine) to sooth her, and its work too. Just pour a bit mouth wash on your clean handkerchief and mix with some warm water then massage to the gum.

Teething really need a lot of passion.  Sometimes I really can't finish my works as she wants to be cuddle all the times.  And, sometimes really get frustrated easily.  I bought her teething rusks and teether to chew with.

I think all this will be ended as soon as her upper teeth come out from her gum.... huh.......

Baby Teether

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