Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 2nd Time Pregnancy Part 1

My 1st pregnancy was on 2007, and I born a baby boy.

This year - 2010, I born a baby girl ... If you ask whether got differences between baby boy and baby girl during pregnancy ?  Yes, for me, there is some differences.

Well, I found myself being pregnant on August 2010.  From the 1st time experience, I make up my medical check-up appointment with my previous doctor - Dr.Felice Huang.

My morning sickness gone after 4 weeks pregnant, Praise to Lord.  Compare to last time, my morning sickness only gone after 12 weeks.  I like to eat mee-hoon and fish fillet and everyday must eat at least 1 piece of fish fillet.  But I can't drink milk this time ... my doctor ask me to take some calcium supplement as calcium is essential and very important for pregnant women.  So I go to buy at Pharmacy - Abbott brand, Calcium plus supplement.  I consult my doctor and she said I can take that, but if I can drink milk is better.

Come to 12 weeks, I started to feel dizzy when I smell the cooking oil.  I even feel like vomit when I smell onion, I totally don't like garlic, green-onion and cooking smell.  yiakksss ...... I have to stay away from kitchen.  In terms of food, it's seems like I'm not so choosy this time, I will only eat a bit if the taste not so good to me.  The balance of food ... hahaha ... go to my husband and my son.

I like white fungus boil with red dates, almost once in a week I drink this herbal tea.  In chinese tradition, white fungus with red dates good for skin and blood circulation.  I also drink Lo Hon Ka bird nest, same - yummy and is a type of nutrition food also.

I feel like more energetic this time, even though, I still maintain sleep before 10pm every night.  After playing with my son, then I bring him to bed around 9pm.  My tummy looks bigger compare to normal 12 weeks pregnant women, hehehe ... may be I take too much nutrition food ??

But during my review, my weight and baby growing chart always fine, and that makes me feel good and means still in control, no over or under weight problem.  

When come to 2nd stage, my doctor ask me whether I want to know the gender of baby ?  I told her, I'm actually not so concern about the gender, I will only pray for healthy baby, boy or girl still is my baby ... hahaha.  She smiled and said may be next review only can confirm to me.  

Praise to Lord, I can drink milk and I simply stop taking the calcium supplement tablet.  I cannot eat papaya and orange color thing ... same as last time, will got some "marking" beside my lips.  This symptom same like last time, hate it.  Cause people may think why this lady didn't wipe her mouth clearly ??  

My baby gender only reveal on 7th months review .........



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