Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Looking for Milk for your children ?

Many mothers having this problem when children turn older or no more breastfeeding. Here some useful tips before buying milk for children.

There are many different types of formula milk in the market. So, which of these is the best for my child ?

For me, I will choose based on the nutrition information provided first. Secondly, it's come to the price itself. Whether can I afford to buy for my child. 

Whole Milk - also known as full cream milk. It has nothing added nor removed from it and is processed to kill any harmful microorganism for sale consumption.  Whole milk is highly recommended for growing children as it contains 3.5% of fat, which is important for growth and development.

Skimmed Milk - milk has already been processed to have most of or all of its fat content removed. Its reduced levels of fat-soluble vitamins, especially vit-A. Thus, it is not recommended for children.

Fortified formula milk - comes in powder forms and are fortified with various additional nutrients.  Some even firtified with fatty acids DHA and AA, which claimed to improve brain development. There are 3 major types for formula milk : Cow's milk formulas, Soy-based formulas & Hypoallergenic formulas.

Cow's milk formulas - it is easier to digest and has the right amount of nutrients. 
Soy-based formulas - for children that cannot tolerate cow's milk formulas or are intolerant to lactose.
Hypoallergenic formulas - much easier to digest, and less likely to cause allergic reaction. This normally used for children who have family history of allergy.

The most important thing is your child like the milk or not. So before you know your children like the milk you choose, just buy a small pack to try it out.  I was doing the same to my son and my daughter when both turn 1 year old and buy a small pack for them to try.  Once they like the milk, then I go for larger pack. hehehe ..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get Ready to Brush Your Teeth, Baby ~ :)

Well, I am starting to introduce my little girl on toothbrush when she turn 1 year old. But I didn't apply to her directly. I just show her: "dear, this your toothbrush"  She look so curious on it and try to hold it and even smell it at the first time contact. Hahaha

To keep clean of her mouth, I use to wash her mouth everyday from the day she was born, using a clean and wet (wash with warm water before apply to her) small face towel to clean her mouth. So, she don't have a "weird" feeling while washing her mouth. 

When I notice she start teething, and I took out the 1st toothbrush to "brush" her little teeth. She so anxious about it till she bite the toothbrush. hahaha ... until now she is having almost full milk teeth then is using her 3rd grade of toothbrush now.  I try to put a very little bit of children toothpaste on it ~ as known, she swallowed it instead of pitting out the water.   

Everytime after milk, I will give her a little bit of warm water to drink.  The purpose is to wash away the milky taste inside her mouth and on the other way is to protect her teeth also.  Praise to Lord, my both kids so far do not have any teeth problem.  Even last time I am breastfeeding, I also give her some warm water to drink after milk.  Nowadays, when people see my both kids like to drink warm water, their are so impress and will ask: "How come your kids like to drink warm water ? Why my kids so avoid of warm water whenever ask them to drink ?" I told them my way, even is not necessary or not so recommended by doctors - I'm still giving my kids drink a small amount of warm water since baby time.  My kids just like other kids, they like sweets, chocolate, ice-cream etc. But after all these sweet bites, I will ask them to drink water to clean their mouth.

I bought the pigeon baby training toothbrush. I bought the same training tools for my son last time.  For me, is very useful and that why I buy 2nd set for my little girl.

I like these toothbrush because easy to handle :)

Now everyday I brush her teeth, and so far she like it. Whenever she heard I'm calling : "Come, time for brush teeth !"  She will run into washroom and be the 1st person to step in. hahaha ... her brother is 2nd.

Whenever she saw her brother going to brush teeth, she will come in and waiting for her turn to brush her teeth also. After brush teeth, I will compliment both of them for being so good to take care their teeth.  Both actually are so happy with it.

I am actually have my own schedule to train my both kids on this kind daily routine task without saying that they must know all this by early age.  I notice some mothers are very keen to train their baby in the very early stage, but for me, I just make it a relax task for me and my kids. No hurry but just try to train them whenever their are ready. Mom knows when is the right time ... :)  

Friday, June 24, 2011


什么是三手烟? 听到新闻报导,我才如梦初醒!


在孕妇面前吸烟是最可恶的!! 因为,不但是孕妇吸入2手烟,肚子里的宝宝也一样吸入了。一般人会认为,我不在她面前吸就好了。但是,他们没有去考虑到他们身上还残留着那些毒气。为什么就算那人没吸烟了,我们还可以嗅到烟味?我好气那些只以为是的人。尤其是,对着小孩也不会考虑这问题的人 !



爱护自己,爱护别人 ! 不要自私 ! 不要自以为是 ! 给我们的小孩一个健康的环境成长吧!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's day 2011

Dearest all beautiful mama ~ Happy Mother's day !

Well, I am a mother of 2 pretty kids. Federer is 4 years old & Celeste is 1 year old. Both are my sweeties ! Mama have to say sorry as sometimes I scolded both of you. Mama love both of you, very much indeed.

When I become a mama, only I realised how hard my mother to teach us. I'm the youngest in my family, and my mother did take good care all 6 of us. Now, my mom is old and not active as she was young. When I teach my own kids, I will at the same time think of my mom - how she teach me last time. Mama, I love you !

This powerful 3 words ..... I think only 1 time I said it out to you through phone. I remember that time I was alone in Labuan and I called you that night. Asking permission for dating with a guy - which now become my husband, your son-in-law. You was so worry as me was alone away from home, I know you worry that me will get hurt or anything unhappy happen to me. I cried, told you that I love him, asking her blessing. At that time, I told you: mama, I love you. I love you more than him. But I promise to take good care of myself. I heard you cried, and you blamed me for making you crying also. You and father always in my heart, always no.1 in my heart.

When I look into my own kids now, the only thing I want is both always happy and grow up in good health. My babies, my sweeties, my cuties ........ I will not pressure both of you on education or else. I only need both of you become a good boy & good girl. 

I am happy to have 2 child in my life ~ I wish myself had a happy mother's day ! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011




“不要等到那一天才来后悔” 。。。 对!但,讲容易做就难。好多时候有很因素,不是你可以要怎样就怎样的。尤其是,当你是已经结了婚,双方的父母都要取得平衡。

人。。。就是这样的,失去后才会后悔。说一大堆的后悔的话,劝其他人要珍惜,不要和他一样的后悔。这样做是没有错的,是对的。他不想别人也像他一样的后悔。所以他奉劝要珍惜,要惜福。。。我也看了很多很多类似的“故事”,心好酸,泪会流,感动,感觉自己也是没做好自己的本分, 好惭愧。

但是,这样子的感觉,只能维持一个很短的时间。过后,就回到平常一样的生活了,对吗??到底要怎样呢?? 好矛盾!我不想我是后悔的那个,但是,也不能每次去陪家里的父母,要不然,会被说整天都回娘家,也不带会婆家等等。。。女儿嘛!都是想回自己的家比较多,也不知道是什么原因,就是会想回自己的家看看。每次回到家的感觉就是好舒服,有一种被疼爱的感觉!这种感觉是不会在婆家找到的。。。在那里只会有一种奇怪的“亲切感”。可能语言上沟通不来吧!不过,无论如何,还是要带小孩回去看公公婆婆的。


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strongest Earthquake + Tsunami devastated Japan

11 March 2011 is a day which every human in the earth get shocked when received a news from Japan - strongest earthquake as 8.9mag and later declared as 9.0mag at Miyagi, Japan. Many of them still missing and the rescue team is still on searching.

We here nothing can do much, keep on praying for them, pray for the calm back to them as soon as possible. Pray for the rescue team, strengthen their heart, pray for the victims.

Beside praying, we here also can donate some to the victims through some organisation like: World Vision, Malaysia Res Cross Society etc... 

3月11日,真的是一个很难忘记的日子。日本遭遇9.0级的大地震,随后就是大海啸。整个宫城县变成了海洋,好多人都失踪。拯救队伍还在努力的寻找失踪的人 。。。


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Injection Schedule for baby

I have heard some parents saying about the schedule of injection for their baby ... more or less, there still same no matter your baby was born in private or government hospital. Parents will received a card whereby printed when your baby should take the injection.

In generally, there is some compulsory and optional injection you have to understand. You may consult your pediatrician about the necessary on taking those optional one. 

For me, I will let my kids get all the compulsory injection from pediatrician. For the optional one, I always consult with my pediatrician before making any decision. I understand that new parents may worry like why my friend's baby take many injection ? do I need to do the same with my baby ? why they like this and that ? Am I need to follow ? Well, I am also new mama. Whenever I heard what's from my friend, I will consult my pediatrician or some child's expert. But at last, the decision still on mine.  

Some people may like to "scare" you that if you take that optional injection, then chances of getting x x x x x x x ..... and especially to those new parents will feel worry on it. Then immediately bring baby for the injection, is not saying not good but as a parents, you have to understand and get advice from professional rather from "auntie" talk, right ??

So, my advice to all new parents ~ always consult with your pediatrician or child's expert before making any decision.

Choose formula milk for 1 year old baby ...

Which formula milk suitable for my 1 year old baby ?

It's kinda a headache problem, as you may worried after change to new formula milk, baby might not get use to it. Baby may have constipation problem etc.... 

I still remember last time my son turn 1 year old, I have change many formula milk for him ~ waste my money. I bought the smaller pack or tin for him to try. As you see he like the milk, then you will consider buy big tin for him. Then after a month, he stop drink the milk then again change another formula milk ~ huh ... at that time I am quite frustrated. Till I change him to Pediasure ~ the most expensive formula milk ~ only then he start to drink milk again. 1 tin cost about RM100++ and only can serve less than 1 month (my son can drink up to 8oz in 1 time), and after few months, I try change him to GainPlus, luckily he accept it till now.

Now, is time for my little girl .... I wonder is she will be same like her brother ?? This time, I will request a sample from the supplier also. But honestly, they only give you few packs and up to 1 or 2 days only. It is very difficult to judge whether she really like it or not. So, the same thing I will do is, go to buy small tin or refill pack first. If she really accept it then buy the big tin. hahaha ~ 

Now many choices for you to choose - from cheaper one to expensive one / or may be you will consider based on the nutrition provided / from local manufacturer or imported formula milk ~ is all depends on you to choose the most suitable one for your baby.

Friday, January 28, 2011


其实呢,每个人都知道母乳是有多么重要,对于一个新生儿来说,真的是一个无价之宝。但是,却不是每一位妈妈都愿意喂母乳的。原因:得罪说声 - 你们太注重你们的身材了。怕乳房下坠,变得不漂亮等等。。。说真的,我还真的看不起这样子的女人。太自私了!如果是因为母乳不足,那还可以被谅解。

小孩出生后,对他最好的食物就是母乳。因为母乳含有自然抗体,能够给于宝宝一个健康的身体。宝宝刚出世,体内没有抗体。是非常需要母乳的帮助来build up 一个好的系统。而且,也不会有过敏的问题。

我已有2个小孩了。一般来说,小孩在1岁前应该给他们喝母乳的。但是,我因为工作的关系啊,我只能够喂2个月的母乳。其实,如果工作环境允许,我也希望能够延长给我小孩喝母乳的时间。我并不是要推卸,但,真的事实就是不能, 唉!!!



那一种感觉,我是不会忘记的。那种感觉就是母亲与孩子之间的一种联系,是很温暖的。而且,是多么的纯真,你是不会在任何人身上得到。我会怀念这种被信任的感觉, 一个被小孩信任的感觉。


Friday, January 14, 2011




在日间,我开始让他慢慢体会到尿湿裤子的感觉,其实是不好受的。我会很像“长气婆”那样,时不时就问他要不要小便?要不要大便?哈哈!好啰嗦哦! 有时我也顶不顺我自己,那么的长气 .....哈哈哈! 每一次喝水或吃完饭后, 差不多时间啊, 我就会问他要不要上厕所 .. 如果他要, 我就会带他去坐那小马桶, 然后, 让他知道要坐马桶大小便.

晚上, 我就会在他临睡前,先叫他去小便。然后,才上床睡觉。一开始那几天,睡到半夜,我们就会叫他起床,带他会厕所小便。他很自然的小完便,就继续睡觉,一直到天亮。接下来,我就和他说:要小便就叫爸爸妈妈起床带你去。结果,他真的会叫我们起床带他去厕所。不过,他有时还是会尿在裤子啦!但是,我们并没有责骂他。只是和他说:下次不要尿在裤子啦。要叫爸爸妈妈带你去小便就好了。其实,他只是在半夜起1次身,小了便又继续睡到天亮。已经算是很不错了吧!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Night Time Potty Training for my son

I started to train my son not to wear diaper when he is 3 years old. During day time, I let him wear panty. Haha, is so funny to see him wear his panty for the first time.

Lat time, he use to pee on his panty and need to change all the time. He definitely will feel uncomfortable after pee on pants. Then I started to train him by asking him : "Do you want go to toilet ? Tell me when you feel you want to pee or poo". Keep on ask him and let him aware of that. It's quite fussy, right ? My baby sitter will do the same also.

At home, after meal or milk - normally after 1 hour, sure I will ask him: "toilet ?" ... sometime he will said "yes", then I quickly bring him to toilet and let him sit on the potty. Sometime he told me he want to go to toilet before I asked him. hehehe ...

Night time, I use to let him pee before going to sleep. I will told him like that - "now you are not wearing diaper, if you want go to toilet, call me or papa, ok ?".  After that, he will go to sleep. For the frst few days, we will wake him up and bring him to toilet, and he continue back to sleep after toilet. Then day after day, he will wake me up if he want go to toilet. So far, he has did a good job, and I really save a lot on his diapers. Only sometime may be he too tired, he will pee on his pants. Time to change his pants, and still not wearing diaper .... hahaha.

Praise to Lord, now he manage to sleep throughout the night without wearing diapers. And if he really want to go to toilet, he will wake me up ask for accompany to toilet. Normally he only wake up 1 time during midnight then go back to sleep again till sun rise.

This is the way I train my son not to depend on diaper, is quite tired but it's worth. No need to pressure the kid, in my opinion. Some kid may be able to start earlier but I think 3 years old still consider ok .... ^_^

Monday, January 10, 2011

Breast milk

I'm totally support breastfeeding ... but due to my working condition, I'm only manage breast-feed my baby for 2 months only. Is not a good excuse but sometimes is really depend on the situation.

I encourage my friends - especially to those 1st time mother - always breastfeed their baby as long as she can.  Actually breastfeed is not a difficult task, you shall feel happy when you breastfeed your baby.

During confinement, with the help of a lady (we called here confinement lady), who is helping doing all the housework and cooking. I manage to breastfeed my baby and having enough rest.  Confinement lady actually helps a lot during that period. In traditionally, mother cannot do many things during this period. A lady will come to help you to do housework. Of course, have to pay to the lady .... no FOC ...unless your own family member helps you.

Breast-milk, is good for baby.  It helps build up baby immune system by naturally. Some people said: "Breast-milk clear like water, baby will feel hungry more faster than formula milk". I have read through and study said is SAME. No matter you feed breast-milk or formula milk, there is no changes for the baby.  Baby need to be feed in every 2 to 3 hours according to their grow-up chart.

People said "baby will sleep longer if feed formula milk at night" ... Study said: "breast-milk or formula milk having the same affect also."  

I remember my baby boy drink around 4oz when he was 0 - 2 months old.  Yes, he drink breast milk that time. After my breast milk getting less, I have to change him to formula milk.  That time, still the same, every 3 hours drink around 4oz.

I fully breast feeding my baby during the confinement period, and I didn't mixed with formula milk. Sometimes, I still feel my breast full of "supply" but my baby is full. So, I pump it out and store at refrigerator. The breast milk can be stored in refrigerator up to 36 hours.  If you store inside the freezer,  it can last up to 3 months. But some study said it may last 3 to 5 days in refrigerator and up to 6 months in freezer. Never never refrigerator back unfinished milk. If my baby cannot finish the milk at that time, I will discard the milk. Study said you may keep the unfinished milk for 1 or 2 hours (in room temperature), just don't put it back into freezer. 

I will put a label and stick on the cup with day and time. That's easy for me to recognise which one I have to use first. I remember got one time my friends come to visit me during confinement day, she so surprise when she notice so many "pudding" inside my freezer. Hahaha .... that is my milk, not a pudding !!

During my 2nd time confinement, my son was having flu. I try to give him my breast milk and he fully recovered after drink my breast milk for 1 day (noted: he need to drink around 3 to 4 times of 8oz milk in a day). I use the one I store inside my refrigerator ... I try to breastfeed him but he feel "shy", hehehe.

Breastfeed baby may poo many times a day, have to change baby diapers quite often if compare to formula feed baby. But, my 2nd baby didn't poo for 5 days even fully breastfeed her. So, end up I bring her to pediatrician for check up. As I know, breastfeed baby poo more times than formula baby. She told me there are some babies may not poo for a week even though is fully breastfeed. It's depends on baby themselves, she said may be the digest system of my 2nd baby work a bit slow. As she checked, my baby bowel is normal and is not having hard stool inside. She suggested to let her poo now after she put a medicine and see if she feel hard to poo or not.

After medicine, my baby start crying and start pooing ... is not a hard stool and just like a cream typed. My pediatrician said her stool still consider normal. She teach me to massage her bowel everyday to help the  bowel movement more faster. She told me not to worry too much if I fully breastfeed my baby, but do come back if she continue the same. Praise to Lord, she is doing fine after that treatment.

You seldom see baby having breast milk seldom get sick, if their do, the recover time is more faster compare to non-breast milk baby. If you can supply breast milk to your baby till 1 year old that is much much much better. 

Even though everyone understand breast milk is the best for baby and every mother try to give as long as their can. But, I have to say its really depends on yourself. If the situation not allow, then you have to let go. Like me, not matter how strong that I want to give breast milk to my baby. But when back to work, I find it really hard and there is no room for me to pump out my milk. My friend joking with me: why not go to washroom and pump ? yiakkkss ... do u think is hygience ? pump in washroom - a public washroom ?? no way !! There is many real situation have to face, and end-up my breast milk getting less as I only breastfeed my baby during night time. I feel sorry to my baby but what I can do now is try to boost her immune system by giving them healthy food.

For new mother or every mother out there, I really encourage you to breastfeed your baby. ^_*

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Turn On baby sleeping mode ...

Most of my friend ask me, did your baby cry before going to sleep at night ? what time your baby sleep at night ? Did your baby waking up for milk during mid-night ??

Well, I have to say: Praise to Lord.  My both baby has been "trained" well ... hahaha.  I start to train them when they are about 6 months old.  Actually during pregnancy, I also make a habit to sleep earlier - I must go to sleep before 9:30pm.  That's good to let your baby in womb know that mommy is sleeping during this time.

When my baby turn to 6 months old, I started my "technique" to train them. Of course, with my husband to help me also. After a milk around 7pm or 7:30pm, I will let her wear pajama. Turn off the room light, only a weak light-bean got through from the door.  Tell her softly: "you are going to sleep now". Let her hold her small pillow, have her pacifier and cover he body with her blanket.  I will lay down beside her, touching her gently. Then slowly slowly, she will fall asleep.

But, sometimes it's just doesn't work so smooth ... she will wake up and look at me and want to play with me.  Especially when she notice her brother also in the room.  Then, it's time to "battle" with them.  I will ask co-operation from my son to stay quiet. If possible, lay down with me also. Once he laying down with me, plus the quite and comfort environment + dark room, mostly both will fall sleep easily .... same apply to me, hahaha. My husband even complained to me on that, when I wake up is around 10pm.  But in case my son don't want to sleep at that time, then I will ask my husband to bring him out.

So, in generally, my baby use to sleep around 8pm and wake up around 6:30am. My baby start to sleep throughout the night when she coming to 7 months old.  She didn't wake up and cry for milk, and that make me can have a good sleep also.  If you ask me how to train baby like that ? Honestly I don't know the actual answer. Because not every baby is the same, some may need milk every 4 hours, some may not. You cannot force your baby drink milk or you ignore to give just because you want to sleep... But I think soon or later, the baby will stop when he/she think "It's time" ........

In day time, baby also need to take a nap, a short nap everytime after feeding. The longest is 1 hour short nap, and she will wake up automatically.  After play a while, then she will need a nap again. Same apply to my boy last time, but my boy taking a long nap - more than 2 hours. hahahaha .... then I usually bring him to bed around 9pm. But now, my boy change his sleeping time to 10pm as he want to play with his toys. I have to adjust his sleeping time as he will be in school next year ... back to normal sleeping time.

May be I keep on repeating the same action on time, so my baby realised that she will going to sleep when I - after feeding and burp her, change her cloths to pajama, bring her into bedroom, turn off the light, tell her softly like "you are going to sleep now", gently touch her legs, let her hold her pillow or blanket and keep quiet. If she refuse to stay calm, I just pretend myself in "sleeping" mode. Then she will find "no point" for disturbing mommy. Slowly slowly, she will fell to sleep.

Just remember, don't play with her even though she keep on touching or disturbing you. She just try to get your attention and if we fall into her trap, then no way you can make her a good habit. Oh ya, old people told me, don't ever kiss a baby when they are going to sleep. I remember this kind of advice and I really don't kiss them whenever they are going to sleep. I just don't know how many of you believe this, but its' true. Baby fall to sleep much more easier and will not fussy.  I have ask some of my friends and most of their baby fussy and very difficult to bring to sleep. When I ask: "Did you use to kiss your baby everytime before sleep?" They said: "yes". So, try not to kiss your baby from now on, see got difference or not ? Then the result .. yes, better than last time. hey, sometimes really have to listen to old people also ..... hahaha. By the way, you still can kiss your baby everytime you want to ... it's all depends on you.