Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Looking for Milk for your children ?

Many mothers having this problem when children turn older or no more breastfeeding. Here some useful tips before buying milk for children.

There are many different types of formula milk in the market. So, which of these is the best for my child ?

For me, I will choose based on the nutrition information provided first. Secondly, it's come to the price itself. Whether can I afford to buy for my child. 

Whole Milk - also known as full cream milk. It has nothing added nor removed from it and is processed to kill any harmful microorganism for sale consumption.  Whole milk is highly recommended for growing children as it contains 3.5% of fat, which is important for growth and development.

Skimmed Milk - milk has already been processed to have most of or all of its fat content removed. Its reduced levels of fat-soluble vitamins, especially vit-A. Thus, it is not recommended for children.

Fortified formula milk - comes in powder forms and are fortified with various additional nutrients.  Some even firtified with fatty acids DHA and AA, which claimed to improve brain development. There are 3 major types for formula milk : Cow's milk formulas, Soy-based formulas & Hypoallergenic formulas.

Cow's milk formulas - it is easier to digest and has the right amount of nutrients. 
Soy-based formulas - for children that cannot tolerate cow's milk formulas or are intolerant to lactose.
Hypoallergenic formulas - much easier to digest, and less likely to cause allergic reaction. This normally used for children who have family history of allergy.

The most important thing is your child like the milk or not. So before you know your children like the milk you choose, just buy a small pack to try it out.  I was doing the same to my son and my daughter when both turn 1 year old and buy a small pack for them to try.  Once they like the milk, then I go for larger pack. hehehe ..