Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get Ready to Brush Your Teeth, Baby ~ :)

Well, I am starting to introduce my little girl on toothbrush when she turn 1 year old. But I didn't apply to her directly. I just show her: "dear, this your toothbrush"  She look so curious on it and try to hold it and even smell it at the first time contact. Hahaha

To keep clean of her mouth, I use to wash her mouth everyday from the day she was born, using a clean and wet (wash with warm water before apply to her) small face towel to clean her mouth. So, she don't have a "weird" feeling while washing her mouth. 

When I notice she start teething, and I took out the 1st toothbrush to "brush" her little teeth. She so anxious about it till she bite the toothbrush. hahaha ... until now she is having almost full milk teeth then is using her 3rd grade of toothbrush now.  I try to put a very little bit of children toothpaste on it ~ as known, she swallowed it instead of pitting out the water.   

Everytime after milk, I will give her a little bit of warm water to drink.  The purpose is to wash away the milky taste inside her mouth and on the other way is to protect her teeth also.  Praise to Lord, my both kids so far do not have any teeth problem.  Even last time I am breastfeeding, I also give her some warm water to drink after milk.  Nowadays, when people see my both kids like to drink warm water, their are so impress and will ask: "How come your kids like to drink warm water ? Why my kids so avoid of warm water whenever ask them to drink ?" I told them my way, even is not necessary or not so recommended by doctors - I'm still giving my kids drink a small amount of warm water since baby time.  My kids just like other kids, they like sweets, chocolate, ice-cream etc. But after all these sweet bites, I will ask them to drink water to clean their mouth.

I bought the pigeon baby training toothbrush. I bought the same training tools for my son last time.  For me, is very useful and that why I buy 2nd set for my little girl.

I like these toothbrush because easy to handle :)

Now everyday I brush her teeth, and so far she like it. Whenever she heard I'm calling : "Come, time for brush teeth !"  She will run into washroom and be the 1st person to step in. hahaha ... her brother is 2nd.

Whenever she saw her brother going to brush teeth, she will come in and waiting for her turn to brush her teeth also. After brush teeth, I will compliment both of them for being so good to take care their teeth.  Both actually are so happy with it.

I am actually have my own schedule to train my both kids on this kind daily routine task without saying that they must know all this by early age.  I notice some mothers are very keen to train their baby in the very early stage, but for me, I just make it a relax task for me and my kids. No hurry but just try to train them whenever their are ready. Mom knows when is the right time ... :)