Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choose formula milk for 1 year old baby ...

Which formula milk suitable for my 1 year old baby ?

It's kinda a headache problem, as you may worried after change to new formula milk, baby might not get use to it. Baby may have constipation problem etc.... 

I still remember last time my son turn 1 year old, I have change many formula milk for him ~ waste my money. I bought the smaller pack or tin for him to try. As you see he like the milk, then you will consider buy big tin for him. Then after a month, he stop drink the milk then again change another formula milk ~ huh ... at that time I am quite frustrated. Till I change him to Pediasure ~ the most expensive formula milk ~ only then he start to drink milk again. 1 tin cost about RM100++ and only can serve less than 1 month (my son can drink up to 8oz in 1 time), and after few months, I try change him to GainPlus, luckily he accept it till now.

Now, is time for my little girl .... I wonder is she will be same like her brother ?? This time, I will request a sample from the supplier also. But honestly, they only give you few packs and up to 1 or 2 days only. It is very difficult to judge whether she really like it or not. So, the same thing I will do is, go to buy small tin or refill pack first. If she really accept it then buy the big tin. hahaha ~ 

Now many choices for you to choose - from cheaper one to expensive one / or may be you will consider based on the nutrition provided / from local manufacturer or imported formula milk ~ is all depends on you to choose the most suitable one for your baby.

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