Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strongest Earthquake + Tsunami devastated Japan

11 March 2011 is a day which every human in the earth get shocked when received a news from Japan - strongest earthquake as 8.9mag and later declared as 9.0mag at Miyagi, Japan. Many of them still missing and the rescue team is still on searching.

We here nothing can do much, keep on praying for them, pray for the calm back to them as soon as possible. Pray for the rescue team, strengthen their heart, pray for the victims.

Beside praying, we here also can donate some to the victims through some organisation like: World Vision, Malaysia Res Cross Society etc... 

3月11日,真的是一个很难忘记的日子。日本遭遇9.0级的大地震,随后就是大海啸。整个宫城县变成了海洋,好多人都失踪。拯救队伍还在努力的寻找失踪的人 。。。


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