Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Injection Schedule for baby

I have heard some parents saying about the schedule of injection for their baby ... more or less, there still same no matter your baby was born in private or government hospital. Parents will received a card whereby printed when your baby should take the injection.

In generally, there is some compulsory and optional injection you have to understand. You may consult your pediatrician about the necessary on taking those optional one. 

For me, I will let my kids get all the compulsory injection from pediatrician. For the optional one, I always consult with my pediatrician before making any decision. I understand that new parents may worry like why my friend's baby take many injection ? do I need to do the same with my baby ? why they like this and that ? Am I need to follow ? Well, I am also new mama. Whenever I heard what's from my friend, I will consult my pediatrician or some child's expert. But at last, the decision still on mine.  

Some people may like to "scare" you that if you take that optional injection, then chances of getting x x x x x x x ..... and especially to those new parents will feel worry on it. Then immediately bring baby for the injection, is not saying not good but as a parents, you have to understand and get advice from professional rather from "auntie" talk, right ??

So, my advice to all new parents ~ always consult with your pediatrician or child's expert before making any decision.

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