Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's day 2011

Dearest all beautiful mama ~ Happy Mother's day !

Well, I am a mother of 2 pretty kids. Federer is 4 years old & Celeste is 1 year old. Both are my sweeties ! Mama have to say sorry as sometimes I scolded both of you. Mama love both of you, very much indeed.

When I become a mama, only I realised how hard my mother to teach us. I'm the youngest in my family, and my mother did take good care all 6 of us. Now, my mom is old and not active as she was young. When I teach my own kids, I will at the same time think of my mom - how she teach me last time. Mama, I love you !

This powerful 3 words ..... I think only 1 time I said it out to you through phone. I remember that time I was alone in Labuan and I called you that night. Asking permission for dating with a guy - which now become my husband, your son-in-law. You was so worry as me was alone away from home, I know you worry that me will get hurt or anything unhappy happen to me. I cried, told you that I love him, asking her blessing. At that time, I told you: mama, I love you. I love you more than him. But I promise to take good care of myself. I heard you cried, and you blamed me for making you crying also. You and father always in my heart, always no.1 in my heart.

When I look into my own kids now, the only thing I want is both always happy and grow up in good health. My babies, my sweeties, my cuties ........ I will not pressure both of you on education or else. I only need both of you become a good boy & good girl. 

I am happy to have 2 child in my life ~ I wish myself had a happy mother's day ! 

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