Sunday, January 2, 2011

Turn On baby sleeping mode ...

Most of my friend ask me, did your baby cry before going to sleep at night ? what time your baby sleep at night ? Did your baby waking up for milk during mid-night ??

Well, I have to say: Praise to Lord.  My both baby has been "trained" well ... hahaha.  I start to train them when they are about 6 months old.  Actually during pregnancy, I also make a habit to sleep earlier - I must go to sleep before 9:30pm.  That's good to let your baby in womb know that mommy is sleeping during this time.

When my baby turn to 6 months old, I started my "technique" to train them. Of course, with my husband to help me also. After a milk around 7pm or 7:30pm, I will let her wear pajama. Turn off the room light, only a weak light-bean got through from the door.  Tell her softly: "you are going to sleep now". Let her hold her small pillow, have her pacifier and cover he body with her blanket.  I will lay down beside her, touching her gently. Then slowly slowly, she will fall asleep.

But, sometimes it's just doesn't work so smooth ... she will wake up and look at me and want to play with me.  Especially when she notice her brother also in the room.  Then, it's time to "battle" with them.  I will ask co-operation from my son to stay quiet. If possible, lay down with me also. Once he laying down with me, plus the quite and comfort environment + dark room, mostly both will fall sleep easily .... same apply to me, hahaha. My husband even complained to me on that, when I wake up is around 10pm.  But in case my son don't want to sleep at that time, then I will ask my husband to bring him out.

So, in generally, my baby use to sleep around 8pm and wake up around 6:30am. My baby start to sleep throughout the night when she coming to 7 months old.  She didn't wake up and cry for milk, and that make me can have a good sleep also.  If you ask me how to train baby like that ? Honestly I don't know the actual answer. Because not every baby is the same, some may need milk every 4 hours, some may not. You cannot force your baby drink milk or you ignore to give just because you want to sleep... But I think soon or later, the baby will stop when he/she think "It's time" ........

In day time, baby also need to take a nap, a short nap everytime after feeding. The longest is 1 hour short nap, and she will wake up automatically.  After play a while, then she will need a nap again. Same apply to my boy last time, but my boy taking a long nap - more than 2 hours. hahahaha .... then I usually bring him to bed around 9pm. But now, my boy change his sleeping time to 10pm as he want to play with his toys. I have to adjust his sleeping time as he will be in school next year ... back to normal sleeping time.

May be I keep on repeating the same action on time, so my baby realised that she will going to sleep when I - after feeding and burp her, change her cloths to pajama, bring her into bedroom, turn off the light, tell her softly like "you are going to sleep now", gently touch her legs, let her hold her pillow or blanket and keep quiet. If she refuse to stay calm, I just pretend myself in "sleeping" mode. Then she will find "no point" for disturbing mommy. Slowly slowly, she will fell to sleep.

Just remember, don't play with her even though she keep on touching or disturbing you. She just try to get your attention and if we fall into her trap, then no way you can make her a good habit. Oh ya, old people told me, don't ever kiss a baby when they are going to sleep. I remember this kind of advice and I really don't kiss them whenever they are going to sleep. I just don't know how many of you believe this, but its' true. Baby fall to sleep much more easier and will not fussy.  I have ask some of my friends and most of their baby fussy and very difficult to bring to sleep. When I ask: "Did you use to kiss your baby everytime before sleep?" They said: "yes". So, try not to kiss your baby from now on, see got difference or not ? Then the result .. yes, better than last time. hey, sometimes really have to listen to old people also ..... hahaha. By the way, you still can kiss your baby everytime you want to ... it's all depends on you.

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