Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pregnancy Part 1

My 1st pregnancy did not come as easy as other people, caused I've try to conceive for 6 months but only successful on early 2007.  Before pregnancy, I've consult with my doctor and everything is normal.  Then the doctor recommend me to take Folic Asid for 2 months.  What is folic asid ? she said is a vitamin that helps me to conceive.  She said even taking folic asid, does not means you get conceived immediately.  The most important is relax, don't pressure myself too much .... well, i 100% agree !

To make myself free from mentally & physically pressure, I went to holiday with my hubby.  There, I was totally forgot about pregnancy thing but just enjoyed playing around. From a roller-coaster to high jump ... I was totally in fun mode ... hahaha.

Back from holiday, I found myself being pregnant.  Wow,  I was actually conceived (for few days) while enjoying my crazy holiday.  Gosh... I still playing roller-coaster cause I didn't realized of it.

Huh... my hard times is coming.  I started vomit and don't have appetite to eat. Get tired easily, Most the time, I went to bed around 8pm.  May be I'm just too anxious, or too careful.  I discovered myself got a bit discharge and was in nervous - what's happen to my baby ? I called my husband right away then go to see doctor.  Then doctor said may be I'm lack of rest, and need me to take medicine - Duphaston, for 1 week.
Duphaston is to keep the baby stable and healthy.  I was so worried and keep on praying on that.

I begin to write down what have I ate everyday.  So poor, I don't have appetite to eat and I only want to eat Kui Tiao goreng ... but only a bit.  I remember my husband angry with me as I only think of Kui Tiao goreng - not a nutrition food.

To avoid keep on vomit, I try to drink lemon water.  Why lemon water? because I can't drink any juice or soya.  I totally feel "full" when saw it, hahaha.

In the early stage - 1 - 3 months, so called critical months.  Have to be extra careful as baby not so stable yet, and heard some people said : you only can inform everyone about pregnancy after 3 months.  As some old folks believed only informed after 3 months to avoid miscarriage.

I start to read some books regarding pregnancy and asked my mother.  I always cut out the newspaper articles regarding the same topic also.  Find out there are some common things that a pregnant-mom should take note - don't carry heavy things, have a good rest, always in happy mode etc....

I went to routine check-up at clinic Dr. Felice Huang.   Feel very excited when she do the scanning, as I saw my baby is moving.  It was a amazing experience for me as a 1st time mom-to-be, and I received quite a lots of info from my doctor.

I drink 2 glasses of milk a day, should said praise to Lord cause I like to drink milk.  Before pregnant, I don't like milk at all.  I take multi vitamin recommended by my doctor and no others vitamin beside that.  My brother in law cook nutrition soup for me to drink, my mother also supply me with a fresh chicken to cook with.

My morning sickness gone when go into 3rd month.  I start can take more food compare to last time, but still limited the type of meal.  I like to eat vegetables and fish very much, and slowly slowly I'm able to drink soya.  People said drink soya good to baby skin.  Don't how true is that la ...

I eat fruits everyday, especially papaya and guava.  Don't know why I suddenly like this 2 fruits very much.  But later I found the left and right side of my lips turn to orange colour.  Just look like you didn't clean your mouth after eat, so obvious !  Then I consult with my doctor, she suggest me to stop taking papaya or something with the orange colour food.  Strange .... the colour fade after some times and she said may be is my hormone change.  

To be continue ..........


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