Thursday, December 9, 2010

LactoGG, AeroChamber Plus

Remember long long time ago, my son was suffer from flu and cough.  I was so sad to see him consume so many medicines but still cannot fully recovered.  I scared he will get asthma by the later stage.  So, I decided to take him to see the pediatrician at Damai area - Dr. Chan.

I informed Dr. Chan in detail how long / how is the sound of cough / what kind of medicines he has taken so far.  She was so in detail and introduced me using the AeroChamber Plus.  As she mentioned, using that will be less side effects and faster way to cure.  The most important is no need to take any cough medicine   Though, the cost of AeroChamber Plus is very expensive, I think is around RM90.00++, but is life time used.

LactoGG is a Probiotic and is a supplement to boost his body immune system.  As we aware taking antibiotic means to kill off all good and bad bacterias inside our body system.  LactoGG is to build back the good bacterias.  One day only one capsule and can be taken for long time.  LactoGG cannot be taken right after you took antibiotic, cause it will kill off the good bacteria.  Take it after few hours from antibiotic, at least 3 - 4 hours.

My son was fully recovered after 1 weeks taken the medicines.  I bought LactoGG from clinic again, the cost is RM4.00 per capsule, and 1 pack contains 30 capsules is RM120.00.  The nurse told me if I buy 50 capsule then is only RM170.00, got discount....

My son will go to school next year, and to prevent he get sick easily, I started to give him the LactoGG occasionally and hope can boost his immune system from now on.


  1. Hi, where did u bought the LactoGG at RM4 per capsule?

  2. I bought RM5/capsule....

  3. If u want buy it i got sell at rm4/capsule.but must at least order one box.plz email

  4. 不错,我吃了,肚子没那么痛了。

  5. 我在welling 药店买一盒才rm105元。

  6. Where is welling ? Address ? Is it in JB ?