Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pregnancy Part 2

Coming to 2nd Stage ... my tummy getting bigger and still sleep around 8pm.  My friend had recommended me to listen some soft music and get some free time to read some books.  I did that everyday, or even start to talk with my baby (i think is too early for that, haha).  My weight also gain so fast - from 50kg to 55kg, it's only take 5 months, 1 month gain 1kg ... huh.

I start to drink avocado milk juice as my friend told me is help to boost breast milk.  This really helps me a lot, I really got plenty of breast milk after give birth.

On the 6th month, I apply the cocoa-butter cream to avoid scratch-mark. Funny was I feel itchy after I apply that few days later.  Then I thought the itchiness is due to my tummy has become bigger, and I keep on applying the cream.  1 week later, I found my tummy got so many red dot and extremely itchy.  I can't sleep during night time till I cry on it.  My doctor said may be because my skin allergy to cocoa-butter cream and ask me stop applying it.  To stop the itchiness, I applied "vicks", baby oil, hot water, cool water ... but still can't help.  My doctor gave a aqua cream to apply on it, it is a non-medicated cream.  After 1week, my redness dot and itchiness slowly disappear.  Oh my, this was the hardest time for me to fight with the "itchiness".  It's telling me that not everyone suitable with the cocoa-butter cream.

Come to final stage ... my foots swollen when go into 8th months.  My shoes size from 6 change to 8, almost same like my husband.  My foot just like elephant foot ... sad ... I only buy 1 sandal to wear that time because is kinda waste of money to buy many shoes with the big foot, as I believe my shoe size will be back to normal later.

My movement become slow and walk style like a penguin, hahaha.  Me consider quite ok as I don't wake up at mid-night to toilet.  Before sleep, i go to toilet then till I wake up around 5am.  But during this final stage, I almost every midnight will wake up and eat 1 piece of cracker. That's why I put a container on my site table, easy for me to reach my food.  After eating and drink some water, I'll go back to sleep again.

My weight fly up to 60kg as I have good appetite to eat.  I randomly drink "bird nest" ... yummy, cause it's said good for baby and mother.  I go to buy Lo Hon Ka instant eat bird nest, and everyday eat 1 table spoon.  
Beside that, I almost everyday drink chicken herbal soup and "sup tulang" (cow bones soup).

People said Sup Tulang is good for building calcium, its taste - yummy !! :p

To be continue .....


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