Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 2nd Time Pregnancy Part 2 (Final)

I got a baby girl this time ... I notice my self really got differences from my 1st time pregnancy of my boy.  My foot didn't swollen like "elephant" foot ... and have good appetite to eat from the beginning of pregnancy.  

My due date is on 27th, doctor said its may be early as she said my baby size quite big.  She scanned and said my womb got a lots of calcium ??? means will be early delivery. hahaha ... ok, I just wait for it.

But I didn't get any warning till on 29th morning.  It was a rainy morning, and very nice weather to sleep.  My son suddenly woke up and ask for milk.  Once I stood up, I feel like my discharge come out.  Oppss .... I quickly go to toilet then yes ... i saw blood. Oh my ... I'm going to deliver today.  I quickly wake my husband, and inform him: your baby girl want to get out today.  I asked him to make milk for my son, and I quickly go to take a bath and wash my hair.  Hahaha ... note: no pain at that time.

Then we send our son to baby sitter house, and inform her I will deliver soon.  She so surprised and wished me good luck.  Because I don't feel the contraction pain, so I take my time to have my breakfast at my brother's cafe. Rush hours ... hahaha.  After breakfast, I admit to hospital around 9am.  Once the nurse checked, my cervix actually had open a bit.

I started to feel contraction pain around 12pm, every 5 minutes once.  Huh ... from the last time experience, I'm able to "handle" the pain.  I born my baby girl after few hours, this time really more easy for me.  My husband told me: "my hand almost cracked while you holding it".  hahaha ... ya, actually I want to bite if can.  Like previous, my husband did the "cutting" ceremony.  And is time for me to rake a rest ....

Now, my girl is 9 months old ... is a very happy & naughty girl.  hahaha

My lovely boy & girl

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