Friday, December 24, 2010

Sucking Thumb

hey ... my little girl coming to 9 months old.  She start sucking her thumb at 4 months old.... I try give her pacifier but she don't like it.  

I read many articles that most of expert prefer baby sucking thumb, the reason is baby is trying to comfort herself without your help.  Pacifier will drop off from mouth and, if sucking thumb, anywhere anytime can suck - will not drop-off.

Honestly, I really don't like my girl sucking her thumb.  I noticed her thumb nail become dulled and spoiled.  Many of friends ask me to stop her as really not good to her.  Her thumb will become "ugly" and always in wet.  The most important, is hygiene problem.  She start to crawl and touch here and there, you can't 100% guaranteed everything zero (0) dust .... My friend's sister daughter, now around 4 years old, still sucking her thumb.  Her daughter always having stomach ache problem and now she trying very hard to stop her.

I also have heard some suck until their shape of thumb become a bit strange.  Can you imagine, your nail almost 24 hours in wet, is it comfortable ?? how your nail look like ??  how your thumb look like ??  I don't think is cute but is dirty ..... so, no matter who ask me don't stop my girl sucking thumb, I will not care as she is my daughter.  I don't want my girl's thumb become "ugly" ......... I have to stop her before too serious ...

I trying to stop her, whenever I notice my baby want to put in her mouth, I will said : hey hey ... don't suck thumb... So funny is, she will slowly slowly pull out her thumb and smile to you.  When she want to sleep, I will offer her pacifier.  Then I let her wear mitten, so that she can't suck her thumb.  Day by day ... now she know I don't like her suck her thumb.  

This girl ... very naughty ... she try to cover her "action" with her blanket, hahaha ... funny.  I caught her few times and she will laugh to me when get caught.  I notice nowadays she seldom suck her thumb, she begin to accept her pacifier and I will only offer her when she want to sleep.  She seems not so interest sucking her thumb or pacifier while playing with her toys or when you cuddle her.  

I hope she can totally stop sucking her thumb by the later stage ...... pray for that  ^^

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