Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pregnancy Part 3 (Final stage)

9th months ... My expected due date is on early December, but my doctor told me after 37 weeks baby can be deliver anytime.  Wow ... sound very excited but me started to feel nervous.  How to push ?? What should I do ??  I glad my doctor and nurse did teach and guide me since my first visit.

My friend ask me drink coconut fresh juice, the purpose is to reduce heat inside my womb.  But pregnant women only can drink fresh coconut after 9th months,  It's may cause miscarriage if drink too early.

Unbelievable, my weight up to 69kg ... my doctor told me as I got 166cm height, so still consider normal for me, no over-weight.  That's mean before I'm pregnant, I'm actually under the BMI.  hahaha

On 24th Nov night time, I go out dinner with my sister as my husband was attending his company annual dinner at Rasa Ria Resort.  As usual, after dinner they send me home.  I ask my brother come to accompany me as my husband not around.  Mid-night, I feel like going to toilet.  Once I stood up, oh my .. I'm leaking.  I quickly wake my brother, and told him I need to admit to hospital.  I called my husband, I told him I'm going to hospital because I'm leaking.  I ask him to drive carefully because baby will not come out so soon.

My brother still accompany me till my husband arrived.  Actually me was so nervous and excited too, as my baby will come out soon.  I'm praying for the smooth deliver and healthy baby.  I have to wait at least 10 hours for my cervix open till 10cm, but at that time, I don't feel any contraction at all.  So I still can have a rest till morning, but I simply cannot sleep well as too looking forward on it.

I stared my contraction pain around 10am, my husband was holding my hand and ask me to take a breath.  The nurse on and off come in to check how am I doing .... thanks to the nurse for being so nice and so understanding.  They cheer me up and ask me try to relax, don't think of the pain.  Yes, every mother need to over come the pain and give birth.

Contraction come every 5 minutes, my doctor coming to check on me and my baby ... she said: you doing a good job, try to relax, take a breath.  If really cannot stand the pain, just take the injection to cease the pain.  Of cause, it's still pain but will make you feel a bit better.  My husband look at me "Wanna take it ? Just take it if you need, don't worry " ... Yes, I want !  At least, it's help me feel better for a while ......

I was in labor room and my contraction pain come every 2 minutes ... but at that time, I don't think is every 2 minutes, is every 1 minute the contraction come.  So in pain ...... my husband accompany me to the labor room.  He was holding my hand still, and keep on encourage me.  The moments come, the doctor and the nurses all encourage me to push .... wow ... they counting for me: 1,2,3, ok ...pushhhhhh ... see, I saw baby's head, keep pushing ... Rita ... push.  Baby is coming out .... ok ok ... I get it.  No need to push now, congratulation Rita, your baby boy is here ... And, my husband did the "cutting" ceremony.

The next thing I heard is my baby crying ... sound like "I'm here" .... I touch my baby's hand, a tiny little hands,  so soft ... welcome to the world, my baby !! My pain automatically disappear, and the next minutes I only feel very very sleepy.

My doctor hold my hands and congrats, she said: well done, girl. You really a brave girl. Now, take a rest.  We will done the rest for you, don't worry.  Ya, I need a rest ....

Then the nurse bring me out from labor room, I saw my husband, my mother, my sister and my brother - all waiting outside.  I saw my mother's face. and at that moment I realised how my mother gave born of me.  I remember my mom said to me: now you are a mother of your baby.  My husband said: thank you.  They all said my baby's skin so fair and got many hairs ... hahaha

Finally, I gone through the all the stages and born a healthy baby boy.  Now he is 3 years old, and is a happy little boy.  :)

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