Friday, November 26, 2010

花胶 (Fish Maw)



其实, 市面上有很多种类的花胶。我们普遍称有:马午螵,蚊仔螵,鱼螵等。因为形状差不多,颜色也一样,有时也搞不清那些是蚊仔螵呢!所以,要买一定要会看,或者到一些中药店买吧!因为,不同种类有不同价钱的哦!

我所买的是蚊仔螵,是委托亲戚在斗湖帮我买的。因为他们会看。而且,不怕被人欺骗。我花了差不多RM500.00 买了300g的蚊仔螵。里面一共有5-6片吧!但是,可以放很久哦!听说是真的可以治好咳嗽,气喘,化痰,补肺,补气等功效。有亲戚试过长期喝炖的水,把久久治不好的咳嗽都给完完全全治好了。他所谓的长期喝,是隔两三天喝一次。

一片蚊仔螵可以分来炖,像我都是把它剪成小小块的。每次只是用3-4片,约1 1/2大碗清水,加入几颗红枣或肉桂干,炖一整晚,明天早上就拿出来给小孩喝。因为,蚊仔螵本身有腥味的,所以加入红枣或肉桂干比较不会腥。 而且,喝起来还带点甜味,小孩会比较容易接受。


Fish Maw, it's got different chinese name depends on the type. haha

The most expensive maw is called "Mosquito maw", why people called like that, is just because the shape of the maw just look like mosquito. And its taken from a deep sea fish, that's why is more expensive compare to other type of maw.

I bought "mosquito  maw" through my relatives at Tawau, because I myself don't know how to differentiate the type of maw.  Avoid been cheated, you may buy at those trusted chinese shop that selling traditional medicine.  Damai area got few shops that you can try look for it.  As far as i know, the price for this mosquito maw is very expensive, is cost me around RM500.00 for 300g.  But can last very long time .... :)  Actually it's quite worth it.

Last time, my boy was suffered a cough and last for a month.  After he fully recovered, my mother had asked me to use this mosquito maw boil a water for him to drink.  Traditionally help him build up his lung after cough so long.  Cough make our lung become weak, then we need to consume some nutrition food to make our lung healthy again.

I used to cut it into small pieces, and I only put in 3 or 4 small pieces, some red dates or dry longan to make the water sweet. Cook overnight then the next morning take out for my son to drink.  The taste not bad and my son like it.

In chinese cooking book, maw is good for health.  The common use is mix into the soup, or just boil a water like mine.  I had a relatives which got asthma, and because he continuously drink that, and after some times he was fully recovered.  I've heard people said maw is good especially to those suffer cough, phlegm or asthma  problem.

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