Thursday, November 11, 2010

小儿化痰中药粉 (Traditional chinese medicine for reduce phlegm)

我的小宝宝现在7个多月大了。 发觉她有时好像很多痰似的。前阵子,她伤风又咳嗽。 好可怜! 那么小就要开始吃药。所幸,她快速的康复了。 如果她现在还是喝母乳就好,但是,我因为工作关系,母乳已经减少了。

我对于西药没有抗拒感的。 但是,好多人都说西药很“散”。 小孩吃了西药,手脚大多数会比较冰冷,出好多汗,特别累, 胃口会变差。反而,吃中药就不会有以上的所谓副作用。说实在的,我都不会抗拒西药或中药。

最近听到我的小孩有痰气, 所以就给他们吃宝婴丹。不过好像不能完全治好。

所以,我跑去中药店,老板介绍有一种化痰中药粉,还蛮有效的哦!它带有虫草,茯苓,甘草等的药粉,1盒里面有2小瓶。对于顽固的胎痰有效哦。我买了2盒给我家2个宝贝服用。我的大儿子服用后真的好了。 后来,我就给我的小女儿服用。可以听到她的痰已经慢慢减少了。没有再咳嗽了。有时小孩咳嗽是因为痰作怪吧!


I recently found out got 1 chinese medicine is good to remove phlegm, is not only for infant or children, but for adults too.

I have 2 childs, the eldest is 3 years old and the youngest is only 7 months old.  Few months ago, both had been suffered serious flu and cough.  I have brought them to see pediatrician and both was recovered.  But after few weeks, I found that they got "gru gru gru" sound inside their throat and start coughing.  I was thinking: oh my, don't tell me they going to sick again.

Honestly, both has been consume too much medicine (in my mind) and both also loss some weight because of sickness.  So, I was thinking not giving them clinic medicine.  I went to a shop selling chinese medicine at Damai, and I ask the shopkeeper whether got any chinese medicine is good to remove phlegm from a baby.

He recommended me 1 type of chinese medicine, it stated there is mainly for reduce phlegm and relief of cough.  Inside 1 pack got 2 small bottles, the cost is RM9.00 per pack.  

After he consume 3 bottles, I noticed no more "gru gru" sound and no more cough.  At the meantime, I also give some to my youngest baby, same as her brother, no more "gru gru" sound and cough.  Both were recovered and the phlegm was disappeared.

I did not means chinese traditional medicine is better than clinic medicine.  Is another option for you to cure yours children if having same problem.

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