Friday, May 11, 2012

Outdoor activities for children

Last Sunday I decided to bring my children to playground.

We went there around 4:30pm, my 2 cuties very excited upon arrival. Both keep on saying "playground" inside the car.  I know both were very excited. :)

As normal, I talked to both : Don't go far away without permission from mama & papa. Ko Ko (brother) must take care of your mei mei (sister) ~ where I know is hard to him. 

My boy holding his papa's hand and walking very fast to playground. Me and my girl at the back, and my girl is waving to her brother ask to wait. hahaha

We let them play ~ a totally free play but of course me & my husband always keep on eyes to both.  Watching them play the slides, swing, merry-go-round etc ... After play for a while, my husband suggested we all go for a walk.  Then both also agreed and start their "jogging" on the track. hahaha ... my boy ran quite fast with his papa.  My girl and me walking at the back, not jogging.  My girl was feeling tired already.  We all walked for 2 rounds before taking a rest.  I can see both were having so much fun on it.

After the jogging or just "walking" to me & my girl, we take a rest at the nearby cafe.  The I change both shirt due to sweat, both just like coming out from bathroom ~ from hair to toe ~ all wet.

After a rest, we going home for dinner.  On the way back, my kids were still in excited mode, and told me both are actually very happy to go to playground. I will sure bring them go again & again, since is good for them too. 

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