Sunday, April 1, 2012

31032012 ~ My feeling to both cuties tonight :)

ok, i'm looking to my both sleeping manja here ... I notice both grown up very fast ! the legs so long already ! Time really flies ~

I feel so warm when I see both sleep or play together, both have their own "bantal busuk", holding each other hands while walking, etc... hahaha. But, sometimes (or most of the time) both like to gaduh / rebut & complaint on each other. Honestly, sometime I do feel a bit fussy with the complaints. :p

I can see even though both sometimes will turn to enemy, but still can feel both actually very care to each other. When I ask to my DS (5 y/o) : Mei Mei so naughty, you both like to fight for everything. Then let mei mei stay with po po (babysitter).

After I finish my words, my DS cry and ask me bring mei mei home. He don't like her because she will rebut his toys, but he love her because she is his only sister.

Whenever I give them eat any food, mei mei will take 1st then she will said need 2nd pcs for ko ko. I said mama will give ko ko, but she refused. She want to give her ko ko by herself.

I'm just loving both of them ~ This is my feeling while I looking to both of them now ... in sleeping mode ! :)

31.03.2012 ~ 10:00pm

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